Arts & Crafts


Arts and Crafts


ASKI provides accredited classes in Floristry and Garment Construction the sessions are open to all. The classes provided an opportunity for people to learn new skills, make friends and reduce social isolation. The arts are effective at connecting isolated and lonely older people with the wider community, embracing different generations; There is good evidence that the arts have a positive impact on the physical and mental well-being of older people, including those living with dementia.


Engage to Change

Funded by the Sutton Fund the project will support 20 people from a range of BMER communities living in Sutton to undertake an Open College Network course in Health and Social Care. Participants will undertake 10 days training along with submitting a portfolio of their work. Participants will be referred to Job Center Plus and a range of agencies so that they can find long term employment.

Health and Well-being


 Our recent celebration event which included awarding certificates to people in Health and Social Care  



ASKI Health and Well-being programme encompasses regular weekly classes for people 50+. The sessions engage older people in high quality Well-being activities and extend performance opportunities to older people throughout the year. Our programme for older people and for people with Dementia primarily focuses on enjoying artistic and creative  activities. Weekly  classes in accessible community centres and day care settings enhance participants’ day-to-day quality of life, and improve their physical and mental health and wellbeing. 


ASKI was funded in 2014 to deliver a project for people 55+ to increase the life chances and career opportunities of men and women from BMER disadvantaged communities in Croydon by the provision of a range of  educational and vocational opportunities supporting them to engage, grow, learn and prepare for employment. In the context of equality it is difficult to set a definite age range to define “older people”, as the point at which age related inequality issues occur varies for different aspects of people’s lives. A key remit of the project was to reduce isolation by the provision of a range of User Led opportunities people could take part in ranging from discussion groups, external talks from key organisations in the Borough as well as the opportunity for ASKI to deliver sessions with to agencies in the Borough that often have difficulties engaging with older BME Individuals. 


Opportunity Knocks

A Lottery Reaching Communities funded Employability programme which works with long term unemployed 50+

Target Groups

ASKI will target people 50+ who are isolated and need a range of support including increasing confidence levels, gaining qualifications, increasing community cohesion amongst the age group, finding employment, volunteering Opportunities and signposting 

Project Outcomes

1) Isolation and related problems will be reduced as BMER older people feel increasingly valued and respected in their wider local community

2) BMER older people  will gain confidence and new skills that will increase their ability to take up new educational or employment opportunities

3) Local services will be more effective as local providers gain a better understanding of barriers faced by BMER older people

4) BMER older people will have a greater input on the issues and strategies that affect them

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ASKI is delighted to have entered into a new partnership with Wandle. The work will support people from Croydon living in Wandle Housing stock  who wish to undertake training to move into employment. ASKI has a history of working and supporting people into employment with a mixture of 1-1 and group work. ASKI is an accredited OCN Centre and we will be able to provide people with not only high quality training but also a recognised qualification that employers will welcome. This is ASKI’s first contract with a Housing provider and our experience of working with employers and charities in Croydon and surrounding Boroughs will allow us to be able to signpost people to additional support they may require to enter the job market.  



Dance Yourself Fit


A.S.K.I. has been funded by Sports England to deliver regular exercise classes to people 50+ the project came about following  consultation with people in the Borough who wanted to take part in regular exercise but did not want to do it in a gym. The sessions take the form of a gentle warm up, choreography to music and the sessions are a great deal of fun. The classes not only get people fit but also provide people with a chance to reduce their isolation and make new friends. The classes are open to all and people can come very week or when they can.


Place at MyTable


Our lunch club takes place on the 1st Wednesday of Each Month between 11.00am and 2.00pm. Everyone over the age of 50 is invited to enjoy a two course lunch. Come along and you will get a warm welcome. Ring us for more information or to let us know you will be coming along. We also have guest speakers, demonstrations and updates of upcoming events. We are constantly looking for people to speak at our events so if you have a hobby you wish to share please contact Joseph.



London Catalyst


ASKI has been funded by London Catalyst to deliver weekly sessions on arts and crafts to people over the age of 65+ in the Borough of Croydon. Sessions will include teaching basic crafts skills from sewing, painting, bag making lamp shade making and a knitting. Sessions will be designed to reduce isolation and to bring older people from different cultures together. New research shows that arts and culture can help to improve health, wellbeing and quality of life for older people aged 65. People will be encouraged and supported to engage more in the wider community through volunteering once they have increased their confidence. Evaluation from ASKI projects often indicates that projects which reduce isolation also build confidence and self-esteem. 


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Exploring the lives of Caribbean Elders from 1960 to present day


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London Sport  Brenda’s Story


 ASKI was invited to take part in a unique new project with London Sport and Chocolate Film in 2017. The project concentrated on Brenda Collins a member of ASKI who takes part in Sport on a weekly basis in the short film Brenda describes her involvement with sport and how it has improved her health and reduced her isolation. ASKI wishes to thank Kieran Connolly (London Sport) for all his support and advice in growing Sport and sport in engagement at ASKI 

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City Bridge Trust


ASKI has been funded by the City Bridge Trust for three years starting 2018 to deliver a range of dance/movement classes for older men and women. ASKI uses dance as a tool to reduce social isolation. The project will work with people from all communities and will aim to engage more men in dance. The project will be led by J Jeffers who holds a both a Degree and Diploma in dance that specialises in teaching dance to older people. ASKI will aim to target some of the work to people living with dementia. Everybody   and ‘every body’ has the capability to move. We dance to celebrate, to mourn and to give thanks.

‘’I am always surprised when people say I can’t dance, or I don’t dance, dance has the ability to life our spirits and make even the darkest day bright’’ J Jeffers 


Joseph Jeffers