Our core values are that:


People should be empowered with the knowledge to enforce their rights

  • We involve service users in the development, delivery and evaluation of our services to ensure the continued improvement and relevance of our work


Volunteering strengthens the communities we work with

  • It enriches the quality of our services by providing volunteers with the opportunity to learn and develop through giving back
  • That in supporting and encouraging the personal and professional development of our staff and volunteers
  • That by sharing lessons of our work with the local community we help them to tackle social problems and advocate for their own needs


By learning from and gathering evidence about the impact of local action and programmes we will influence national policy

  • That we can make a greater impact and achieve better outcomes for people by working in partnership and collaborating with partner agencies; both professional bodies and the community
  • That all people should be treated with respect
  • As an organisation we value diversity and promote equality and know that we cannot understand difference unless we are diverse ourselves