Our team and their expertise

Joseph Jeffers, CEO

With twenty years’ management experience in the charity sector, Joseph has a range of skills spanning staff and volunteers training and supervision, governance, monitoring and evaluation and community consultation. He has delivered large-scale projects with budgets of £725.000. He is a Board member for Crystal Palace Football Club, leading on equality and diversity, and a board member of the Kings Fund Leadership programme.

Joseph brings his love of dance and the arts into the programmes at A.S.K.I. sustaining vibrancy across the organisation. Having overcome significant health challenges, he focuses on the wellbeing of staff, volunteers and users.

Zita Suchanek, Development Worker

I joined the team as a volunteer in 2020 so I’ve seen the organisation from different perspectives, which is valuable. My role satisfies my need for creative freedom, face-to-face interactions - and challenges. My favourite part of the role is the connection with diverse people across the community. Helping others has always been my passion. I was always the person entertaining children at family weddings, or chatting with the older guests, taking in their wisdom.

All my jobs have been about face-to-face relationships, whether in retail, corporate offices or being a nanny for beautiful newborn twins. I believe that a simple act of kindness can mean the world to someone. I try to practice this as often as I can and at A.S.K.I .get to see this in action every day.

Maria Ako, Dance Co-Ordinator

Post funded by City Bridge Trust

I love to help people experience joy and well-being through dancing. The exchange of energy from the dancers lights up the room and the smiles and positivity are infectious. Dancing is food for the soul and I see how it transforms vulnerable and isolated people. Delivering dance sessions for A.S.K.I. is the highlight of my week. The older people gals and guys are a joy to teach and they certainly keep me on my toes! They help me to learn about resilience, determination, and how there is always the capacity to challenge ourselves and learn and grow no matter how old we are.

Amanda Nilmadhub, Sewing Workshop Facilitator/Head of Garment Construction

Sewing is in my blood, my Mum is a seamstress and my grandmother and all her sisters were dressmakers in South Africa. I’ve had the benefit of learning the skills from the age of eight and I’m on a mission to help others reap the benefits of this mindful, creative, and social activity. I take great pleasure in witnessing the growth and personal development of participants in the workshops, the friendships that are formed, the skills and the endless talents of people who never thought they could sew. And of course, it’s great to see everyone having fun.

I have a little studio at home where I also do dressmaking and teaching.  When I’m not covered in a thread or sitting behind a sewing machine, I’m taking care of my 4 sons.

Sharon Gardner, Head of Health and Well Being

Sharon Gardner is a qualified Naturopathic Practitioner, with a BSc (Hons) in Health Sciences. She also holds a CYQ Diploma in teaching Pilates and specialises in creating vegan/plant-based recipes which she is passionate about. 

Sharon helps users to live healthy lives is through education and empowerment. Helping them to understand the real power they have in their own hands. Because of her own experiences with poor health, Sharon has made it her mission to help others transform their health and wellbeing, through making small changes to their diet and lifestyle.

David Ross, Creativity and Mindful Art

I’m a fashion designer, illustrator, with expertise in Curriculum Design/Review. I bring this range of skills to facilitate creativity and mindful art workshops for A.S.K.I. I love the rich tapestry of experience and knowledge of everyone on the course and how the workshops help people to transform difficult life circumstances and emotions into beautiful art. I always feel wonderful energy as we learn and grow together at A.S.K.I. 

Michelle Inniss, Creative Writing Workshop Facilitator.

I was born in Liverpool to Trinidadian parents. I write prose and plays and have an MA in Creative Writing. My goal is to facilitate the writing and telling of untold stories so that they have a platform. What I absolutely love about my work is watching the participants grow in confidence as week after week they mine their own stories, recognise their importance and share them. The workshops support community cohesion and understanding and I’m so happy to be a part of this.

Paulette Jennings, Social Media and Promotion


Sonia Gordon, Café Chef


Tenzin Amzo

Intern USA M.A Student