We are a membership organisation and welcome applications from anyone. One of the benefits of membership is A.S.K.I. Members get priority atvents, Trips, Training, social and Community Celebrations, all A.S.K.I . e and/or other engagements not listed.


The yearly Membership Fee is  £20.00


There are two ways to pay for membership

  1. Membership Fees can be conveniently paid in cash or cheque, payable to A.S.K.I. it can also be paid at our community cafe at 299 London Road CR03PA
  2. Alternatively, payment can be made into our bank account using the details in the form below.


 Membership form

You can download this form from the link below.

 Membership Form

 ↓ Click Once on one of  the pale blue links below ↓


A.S.K.I. Membership Form in MS Word format to complete on a computer
A.S.K.I. Membership Form to print out and fill in by hand